Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Post # 2,000....!!!!

                                      The New "mouse-pad" that my Dad just brought to me....
It will take an hour or two to "prepare" as well as a while to type... ( I type Very slowly).....
We will answer the 11 Questions of both Awards... as well as tell 11 "facts" about our-self....
 Ther rules and everything else will be posted later This Evening... Thank You to "Invisible Kidz"...and "It Came from the Man Cave" for presenting these Liebster Awards to my Blog.....
                                                        This should be "interesting"

                                                                 Later Kiddies.....


  1. 2000 is a such a big round number. well done.
    i love that song.

  2. Just don't ever give me the Liebster award, I think of it as chainmail.

    Congrats on #2000! Lets eat some roaches, but not die like the other guy. :)

  3. A lot of post! :D
    I love the song (Blue Oyster Cult, I hate HIM xD)