Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Finally Got Back a Working Sims 2 Game.....

So far only a couple of "Downloads" and only two installed "Exransion" packs (University" & "Nightlife".... Thus, giving me "Zombies", Sim-eating plants, and "Vampires"... Wait till finish off the "Neighbors"
                 Have to Go to "Mod the Sims" for more "Downloads" .of my "Horror" skins....
                                   But ...I Finally have a "Working" version of "My Game"....!!!!!!


  1. And I managed to salvage my "Spore" game as well... Well off to "kill off the Neighbors".... and make "Zombies... still working on the "Vampires"....LOL

  2. Have you ever put a family into a barren room with no windows and doors? MUAaaahahaha!! As you can tell I am in quite the Halloween mood. I still don't know what I'm gonna do - it being in a Wednesday and all.

  3. Check out my video/music and see if it qualifies as creepy.

  4. I love sims xD When I played Sims 2 I downloded items from ;)