Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year ...

 May you have an enjoyable night
For who knows what "Fate" has in store for us in 2012...???
                                                                     We will return ....

Another Animated Horror Short

Here is a scary short about Clowns...
                                                          Not all stories have a "happy" ending

Creepy and Eerie ....Memories

The image of this leering corpse has stuck with me most of my life   (Ever since I first saw it displayed at a news stand as a small child)  ....
This lumbering dead-thing is another of those memories
and even "Harold's" Smile from this cover were all images of horror that have been with me since early childhood

2011 Rapidly Going Away

                                                          Only hours left of this Year...
Soon we herald in a New Year
                                        What does the upcoming year hold in store for you ??

Some Winter's Night

Hello Kiddies.... we have for you on this cold day a little tale of "friendship".....
                                             something to think about on those cold winter nights

A Cold and Lonely Last Day of the Year

Just sitting here.... I would like to thank all of my followers for joining my Blog.... I try to give you folks something interesting to view here... Well the New Year is upon us.... (Same old Shit ...just a different Year)
We here at the Crypt hope to continue to entertain you good folk...
 Thank you all and have yourselves a very happy New Year..

A Bit of Humor from Charles Addams

                      His popular cartoons later lead to the old Television series "The Addams Family"
Sometimes depicting a normal situation ...but with something else added to make things "different" 
But Thanks to this creative cartoonist we have come to know the "iconic" family ....The Addams

Friday, December 30, 2011

a Song We Like

                    They Seldom dig graves Six Feet deep these days ...more like 4and 1/2 to Five feet Deep
just ask the Grave-Keeper

Hello Again...

                                           Another friend dropped by for about 15 minutes...
                                               Just something to help "brighten" my mood
Even though I will never own the 12 inch figure of this great character... This tune has been with me since early childhood .... one of the first records that I ever owned... and this album was used to "Lift my Spirits" many a time during the years of my youth.....
                                   and this tune which helped me through many bad times of my youth
                                           We do what we can just to make it through
                           Sucks not knowing just how many more New Years I will be here to see....

                I used to wonder just how many of my so-called "friends" came by just to see me Suffer....
                 Life Sucks and I am trying to cheer myself up as best that I can... Not much luck so far...

the New Dog

he does look a lot like his father...
                                          I just had the new Dog , "Casper" inside again

                                       ... But He enjoys being near to me.... That is What Counts

Friend had to Leave

                              He left me a couple of Beers... said that he might be by in a few days
                            I thought that I would do a small post on Dr. Decker from "Nightbreed"
Dr. Decker's Button-eyed Mask

  My 12 inch action figure that I made is one of my figures to be displayed at the Library next month

And Remember to Smile

                                                          There is nothing like a big smile
Like the Lady from "Fright Night" ( the original version)

Friend Stopped by and Brought Me a Couple of Beers

                                                  Then my friend stopped by for a bit

The Holiday Season

("putting a Smile" on my face is about as close as I can manage at this time)
I know that the Holiday season is supposed to be a time of "joy" and "Happiness"   ... not always true for some of us ... Some of us have very miserable lives with little or no hope of things improving anytime soon... if anything  some of our biggest worries will only worsen as the year progresses...
                                           For some of us the upcoming year looks very bleak....

The End of 2011...

Well kiddies ...this year has nearly finished... ( a lot of terrible things happened this year)
the "death" of the old and the beginning of new things...a Time for reviewing our accomplishments and our failures over the past year ... and maybe "Hope" for better things for ourselves in the upcoming year
Maybe even a time to take a better look at ourselves.... get to know the "real you" not the mask we wear when dealing with others ... but a long look at what is inside of us....
a time to think of the "troubles" that will follow us into this next year...
And the new problems that will arise ( often unseen... until it is to late to stop the "problem")