Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Small Joker Tribute

Not coming for me yet

Not quite ready for the "rubber room" just yet

Still hanging in there for now...

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  1. Still do not feel much like "smiling" Crying would do no good either ( And would not be very good on my Breathing issues...) Holding on for now and within a few weeks the "Mad Hatter" figure that I am getting for Christmas should lift my spirits somewhat... My dog seems to be doing well... ( seeing him happy does lift my spirits some...)
    First of the year things are still looking pretty grim... Not much "pleasant" to which to look forward ....but I will still give things time to improve before I make any decisions about my future....
    Just hanging on for now ...Christmas will not be too "festive" here ... but we will have Christmas Dinner with my Sister this Sunday...