Thursday, December 29, 2011

Invasion of the Saucer Men

This Science fiction film from the 50's ...was not too bad for the technology of the time...

 These  short creatures with large "cabbage-like" heads were gruesome...

                                 armed with hypodermic Alcohol injecting long needle-like claws

injecting a helpless human victim

The severed hand ( with an eyeball) comes after the young couple after they ran it over

using its claws to attack a cow

 And now some behind the scenes pics

These Sci-fi monsters are creepy enough for me to post here...

Fictitious Model kit box

Some more images from the film
alien hit by car
the crawling hand
the alien craft
Their ship destroyed
Injecting a victim

Eye destroyed by the encounter with the cow
I hope that you folk enjoyed this post and watch the movie on You Tube if you get a chance

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