Friday, December 23, 2011

For Post # 700 I wish to ask My Followers Something....

First of all the "creepy Christmas' posts ,,, were they enjoyable...??

I try to give you entertainment and sometimes bring a smile to your face ..(without having to carve one there)
                                      Warning Foul Language in this animated Tune
                                                                  Nice Video with this song
 Thirdly What of ( or about ) my posts do you like ....I just post mostly to entertain myself with my Villains and Monsters ...and to keep a new journal of my descent into total madness ... Enjoy the ride Kiddies... For the New Year I am Finally cleaning and organizing My Massive "accumulation" of "horror" shit over these msany years... Look forward to some cool posts upcoming in the new year...
                                                                 ....The Doctor

Please Leave Comments on these Questions that I may make this Blog more Enjoyable for you folk...

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