Monday, January 9, 2012

Let the Right One In

The Original Poster

Poster for American audiences
I viewed this movie a few times ... ( I often have trouble doing anything and keeping up with the "subtitles" )
This is a "touching" Love-Story of a shy bullied young boy and his new friend, a young dark haired girl..... or so the story line seems...
The poor lad is always bullied and abused by a group of school boys

...Whom he wishes he could "Hurt them Back"....

Enter his New "Friend" .... She can fight back for him
                                         For she is actually a blood-thirsty Vampire....
interrupted before he can finish collecting the blood

            With her previous "Protector" injured and dying... she must now feed for herself
One woman after being bitten decides she can not live as a vampire and offs herself in a fiery holocaust
All in All a really great movie ..( the "pacing" is slow at times but a great story and very well acted)

Here is a fan-made compilation of scenes from the film


  1. As I have said before...I Do Not go for the Classical Vampires (and Defiantly NOT the current "Teen" Vampires.....)
    But I really enjoyed this Film...( I do have to admit that I have a "fondness" for the old Hammer Films "vampire" Movies)

  2. A great film, a modern horror classic. The remake is good too but this one is the better version in my opinion.

    Now here is the question the story always leaves me with. Did Eli really care for Oskar or is this just how she grooms her 'Rienfields'?

  3. I love that movie, and I love the book it's based off of. <3