Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Keep Smiling...

So just keep on smiling


  1. The "Christmas tree" based lamp in the upper corner of my room ( i thought it should free from damage.... Boy Was I Wrong) I snatched it apart and shoved the entire thing down behind things ....I do Not give a DAMN..... So what if I brork ao lot of these things that once matter so much to me .....The Hell with almost every thing that has ever even mattered or tended to even help to ever lift my spirits or on some occasion "cheer" me up a bit..... ( What A Big wast of time)... and without my collection I have very little reason to continue my existence.... Don't Worry ...When I go I will take this town its inhabitants and many others to hell with me
    My best wishes to you all and wish you the very best in your lives in the future

  2. sounds good to me!

    1. You do not know the half of it.... this town has despised me since my youth.... at that time it was simply because I was "different"... I was not into "sports" and "cars"... so I was mostly "ostracized by my peers.... later ( especially since I had not "outgrown" my love of horror and monsters... and studied ancient cultures ( and their folklore and religious beliefs .... )I was labeled a "Witch"and was said 'NOT TO HAVE God in my life.... These rumors spread like wild fire among the people of this town ( Due to self-centered "Holier than thou" hypocritical uneducated Backwards "Sheep" lead on by the vicious "rumors" Spread by them and Some of the "Assholes with a "Badge" who "run" this area in which I am stuck till I finally Die....Now that I am "Disabled" ...Fewer problems Directly from them "harassing me at my Home ...For they must show "Just cause" to Bother ME..... One "perk of being near dying.......... just e few examples of why I Really Hate the Human Race....

  3. I'm really sorry you're having such a bad time! Best wishes!!

  4. Thank you Little Gothic Horrors
    We are still trying.... Not quite ready to just "Give Up"

  5. Hello... 7-1-17... Still Not ready to just "Give Up"...!!!