Monday, January 16, 2012

A Bit of Sci-Fi Madness....

                                                                        Mars Attacks !!
                                                         Originally the Rare bubblegum cards....
                                                 Norm Saunders Did this set of cards in 1962.....

 These scenes ( Very graphic Gore ) were disliked by the parents of the kids who purchased them

     In the mid 90's Tim Burton brought these "Gleefully Evil" martians to the big screen...

                With an "all Star" cast... and a Lot of humor added in.... This was  an enjoyable Film

                                                                "We come in Peace"
With Jack playing the President
                                                                    99 "dead" balloons

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  1. I have in my collection ...Figures and both sets of Cards....( my Reproduction 1962 set and the other from about 20 years past.....)