Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A follower left a few words of encouragement

...So for her sake ... We will try to hold together ... and continue to suffer ( to not let others know how bad off that I have finally become).... I shall keep up this "Mask" so as not to "offend" others


  1. Thank you Sweet_Sam for those "uplifting word of encouragement..... For that I will try to keeping the darker thoughts at bay.... Still have a "Very Short Fuse".... and have no idea what might cause us to loose it again..."crap" is cumulative... too much within a short period of time ...leaves me substitutable to loosing it completely ...Once I reach that point it takes quite a while for this to pass..... thus aiding into the ever growing hatred I have for the human race....

  2. you are welcomed!

    i have a short fuse as well BUT i always think of something else, like a funny song or a joke..."crap" needs to get flushed, so flush it once in a while! as for the human race there is no excuse..can't help there...that is why i prefer animals, way smarter and probably more compassionate.