Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stacey Here...

Me a "body Snatcher" not even the decency to label me as a "grave-robber" .... Tish was blown out of proportion more than 20 years after it happened "The Authorities" of Union County Some who outright Despise me ... Have for many years tried to make my life as miserable as they could.... So What I robbed a bank when I was Young.... I stayed out of all trouble after that.... and they continued to harass me until I was declared "Disabled" ...Now they have to show "Just Cause" to Fuck With Me Here at MY HOME...!!!
"Digger" ... Dr. Theda, and .... Forlorn Wormwood..

                                  Not always a "good" thing stirring up old memories for "Stacey"....
About time to start "Thinking" again....
Too many Dark Thoughts have surfaced from deep inside of the recesses of my mind

                                          We have got to remember to just "Smile"

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  1. Thinking..... not a good thing... not doing well and I will be turning things over to "the Doctor" ...for now ...Before we have carve one myself in order to "smile".... Stacey