Friday, April 7, 2017

A Pleasant Friday Afternoon...

              Finishing up the cleaning and moving the bits of notes and books...
            And this year marks the 90th anniversary of London After Midnight.... !!!
     Thanks to the great Monster / Horror blog, Monster Magazine World ....


  1. The makeup and hair on the mannequin are terrific!

    1. the Mannequin is my 12 inch "Dr. Theda" figure, dear lady Lexa... we did Not like the garish coloration of the regular figure so we got the "Silver Screen" edition (from Sideshow Toys) and we like his "Hair" (the hat is molded to the head.. one of my favorite possessions
      Wishing you and yours a great weekend

  2. So much flair to this character!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. We had only ever seen pictures even as a small child the image of Lon Chaney as "the Man in the Beaver Hat" was a face that we really enjoyed... and since childhood (back with "imaginary Friends) this is how we pictured "Dr. Theda... he was just "Theda" way back then... then while in prison for the bank-robbery, we were given the "nickname of "Doctor" ... folks would bring their Friends to me for us to look at them then tell them about how bad it is and recommend them to see the Nurse.. and would even tell them what she would do for them"... so, we earned the title of "Doctor"...
      we loved performance in Phantom of the Opera..
      A great weekend to you and yours, good Sir Arlee !!