Monday, January 26, 2015

And Still Almost No Views for the Last 2 Hours....

               Guess that we are doing a "poor" job of "Entertaining" you good folks....
              Except for a day or two.... number of "views" has drastically dropped...
May try to play a bit of Spore...


  1. Views always drop this time of the year for me as well. You would think with the bad weather people would surf the web more.

  2. My views are way down as well. Time of year I agree.

  3. we almost always try to give our viewers something good ( unless going off at this "Hell Hole" of a town)... and no longer know "what" to post that they might enjoy.... all very "frustrating"....!!!

  4. Don't worry about it. Post what YOU enjoy. That's what always gets me coming here and what also gets me the most hits on my blog.

  5. That is why we started this blog.... (and to tell about my Pumpkin Patch)
    We have Always enjoyed Monsters and Horror Movies... And the Joker (as well as "Villains")...... We enjoy sharing these things with others... most people that we know care very little about these "topics"....