Thursday, September 8, 2016

The New Undead Thing that We Posted at

 it is already on page one of "Most Popular New Creations" again... players seem to like (most) of the spore things that we make... and another Subscriber, makes for 62 Followers"... !!!
finally getting ti just sit down been a bit "on the go" this morning (and very little actually "accomplished"...)
                     was told that we did good work in its  dangling intestines... Cool  !!!
            along with the other "worries and Troubles... it is very easy to get "side-tracked"....
   give us  just a bit and we will find something to post... And a pleasant Thursday to you All....


  1. and a couple of very nice compliments (from two of the Best creators of such things at We are "impressed"...!!!
    ... seems that we make the Best of these creations of any Spore creator... had never thought of That... Wow...!!

  2. Wow.... already at 6th most popular !!!

  3. Still gaining in popularity.... Now in 4th place....!!!!

  4. Now my Undead is in Third Place !!! (like watching a "race"

  5. then, today,some"callous" creator.. (with very Few creations of their own) made the comment " nice but not so special anymore"... this statement has us thinking ... Why even bother to post these things at