Friday, September 16, 2016

A Pleasant Friday to You..

 Sorry for the shortage of posting... the doctor visit got to us worse than we  thought..
 been trying to Not dwell upon this  matter... we already knew that we are Dying... and within 30 days, we  will have a  much better  idea of "how Bad" and and idea of "How much longer" that we have, ... Trying Not to allow this to get to me... (not doing a very good job of  that)
                                       Afraid that the Pumpkin did not grow much larger...
 Pumpkin Update.... we  had to harvest the pumpkin last  night (by the light of the nearly full moon...)
those damned moths had gotten to the pumpkin plant... been watching the advancing death of its leaves this week... so with only about one foot of distance along vine (near Pumpkin) already affected, we cut off the pumpkin , before their larva could reach my pumpkin.. Had hoped to allow it to grow larger till October ,...But I still have a rather Nice Pumpkin of which to feel proud..
... First "Success" at growing (and Harvesting) a Pumpkin since 2011... and sadly .. our health will Not be  up to trying again next year... So we now have a healthy pumpkin setting  in a chair here in living room..
                               (Not this one, but another Undead Captain)...
    Another Spore creation made page one of "Most Popular New Creations"... not listed today...


  1. While we were posting this, another new undead ("Mangled Remains") just was added to their "Most Popular" list !!

    1. So, going on the opinions of other players, We do rather well at creating these things...
      Never been much of of to boast on things that I have made (all I see are the small errors and mistakes in the creation...

  2. Sending warm thoughts your way. Glad you harvested the pumpkin. I was worried something might happen to it before you could get it off the vine.

    1. By this morning, they had already killed the vine, past where the Pumpkin was... so good timing on my part... Have a pleasant weekend, dear Lady Debra.