Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Well Good Night / Morning...????

                               Finishing up my last cup of coffee for the night....
About to try to get a bit of rest.... got doctor's appointment in the morning.... and after 4:00am now.

                                                        So calling it a Night..

We have been enjoying having back my "Evil Stacey" Wizard in my game...
we love his "evil laughter"....


  1. Good morning, Stacey...hoping the doc. appt. turns out good.

    1. we got about 3 hours of sleep... my Step-Mother is coming to pick me up...
      She said that we could go to breakfast...light-headiness not quite as bad this morning...I did not fall so that is a good start, dear Lady

  2. your last post had no "Comment" selection...
    So wish you well in the many things that you are to do...Stacey