Monday, August 17, 2015

Trying to Think of a "Better" Way to Play My Sims....

Been forcing my Sims to "Cook" for over a month.. then a "Courier comes along and picks up the "baked goods" and deliveries  it to the Sim with All of the Baked Goods of that type ,,, thus a "warehouse of "Foods" to restock "Businesses"...

                                        not intending to play my Sims to play "Baker"..

                                                           How About a Song....
                                          Remember Halloween is getting Closer, Kiddies...


  1. looked outside just a bit ago .... and thought to myself....when did it start getting Dark around 6:00...???
    ... did Not realize my "mistake" till later... Sun is rising... so we will get a bit of rest,,,

  2. That must be some fun game. Greetings, and have a nice week!

  3. We keep adjusting the game-world to make more "fun" , good Sir...

  4. Looks like you're having bunches of fun.

    Cool beans.

  5. Really glad you enjoy this game so's always good to have things in our lives that we enjoy...otherwise, life would get pretty boring, I think.
    Have a good day, Stacey....