Thursday, November 21, 2019

Was without Internet Service

most All of yesterday and last night, Windstream was down... called back last night and was told the they fixed the problem... not my home... said they would have to put in a "work order" ... called to tell them we have doctor visits today... was told would be without internet till Nov. 29th !!
                   other than stored video clips could do nothing just "play" my (broken) Sims 2
was on phone later last night telling that a over week wait is Not acceptable... woke up to find they had fixed the issue
       About the only thing can do with these Sims is to "cook" (making Octopus Roast)
               So sent him to do other activities cards, Karaoke and a bit of dancing... all rather "boring"...
                                               Will be back later today

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