Sunday, November 10, 2019

Just having a bit of Coffee...

A friend dropped by to visit .. Temps have been chilly for last couple of nights (around freezing or a bit lower at nights) after they left house is very quiet .... Watched You Tube most of this weekend....
Many of these have been in Asian and other languages.... looking up "hantu" and "djinn" clips
not much of a Halloween (rained out here) & All stores had already replaced with Christmas stuff...
Still have to get "foot-pegs" and a neck (Hot Toys brand) as well as attach "peg-addaptors" inside of the two heads that we do have... So, still a bit of work to be done to complete this figure
 The figure we had ordered was canceled two days before arrival date... So, was lucky enough to find a Hot Toys "Pennwise" (It Chapter 2) for just a bit more, it should arrive a bit before Christmas.
                     They do a very "movie accurate" costume for their figures

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