Sunday, November 17, 2019


The new breathing-doctor has seen to it that we now do have a much needed "rescue-inhaler" !!
For that we are thankful... (last one listed chest condition as only "wheezing" ??

      the entire lung is missing on this side... more than a bit Worse than just wheezing
but very thankful to this doctor ... have not had a rescue-inhaler in nearly three years, much needed

do not want to go  back to that horrible shaking "mess" we were 20 years ago.. And they are to remove the med (prescribed to me, after a couple of years of testing meds and combinations on me to decide upon What to give Stacey) nerves were (for years prior) food would always fall off of fork or spoon and the palsy like movement of my hands, when not just shaking... at a loss about that for now

even told me if they take me off of my nerve pill they will not re-authorize it.... has us worried


  1. Glad you've got a rescue inhaler again! And I hope it all works out in your favour about the nerve pill prescription.

    1. worried about that dear Lady Debra... but will be breathing better