Sunday, February 21, 2016

Way too much "DRAMA"

                                 along with ceasing  breathing a couple  of times.....
and my eyes followed my screaming Friend yelling my name... as mt head fell,.... my eyes were still looking at my Friend (even as my eyes rolled back into my skull) seem to have forgotten my "inhaler" and at one point lying  and was (luckily) found by Friend...
even had my inhaler in my open hand... could no longer even "Move" (All rather "unpleasant")

                        and the "Drama" makes my part seem nearly "insignificant"
                                                   All in all things could be Worse...


  1. Hope you're feeling a bit better now. Take care!

    1. Much better today, good Sir....

    2. I know how THAT feels. Over 30 years with Asthma and when I get the EXTREME attacks it feels like death. Hope you feel better.

    3. Thank you for your concern , dear Lady Martha..