Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pet Sematary and a Bit of Fun

Who could ever forget the "adorable"  "Gage" and what he did to poor Fred Gwenn

For Fun here is a poster of his victim to print foryourself and assemble... Enjoy ...Kiddies...

                                                                poor Herman Munster.....
                                             Well At least little Gage gave him a really big "Smile"...


  1. Aw! Gage was so cute, I loved him when I saw that movie! The scene that stands out most in my memory was him cutting into someone's Achilles's tendon. Cringe. Other than that, I told my parents I wanted to build a pet cemetery in the back yard and they were mad because I was a freaky child. They also wanted to know where I planned to get all the dead animals from. :)

  2. ultimative classic: pet sematary song by ramones!!! ;o)

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    2. Nice poster... xDDD
      Pet Sematary is a great song!!!!