Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Many of you That Follow the"Crypt" Would Post a Comment on Our Behalf...???

               This Moron calling himself "luvnut".... has been really talking "crap" about me ....
                                 Look for the Post..."Greatest Villains" of Marshville
            So as a "Favor" to Us here at the "Crypt" Please Drop by there and leave a "Comment"
We Thank Those of you Who are willing to "help ease Stacey's Mind" ...So We can get back to our Regular Posts for the Crypt...


  1. the "Shit" thickens here in this very small town.... do we have to go through all this crap again???...

  2. That luvnut guy is a real creep.

    Seems like he's in the minority though.

  3. It's actually turning into an interesting thread over there, that "reader 37" has some good things to say. I'm glad to see the reverend getting involved too, friend of yours?

  4. He was probably just someone to whom I was "nice"...
    Whoever it was that made a comment on "don't you people have anything better to do..??" Thank You