Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy September 27th.....

Today is the "Cool Ghoul's" Birthday ( He is over 90 years old) A very Happy Birthday to good old Zacherly .... (and Google as well)

      We wish him the best on this special day..... from us at the crypt to the great old gentleman

           For all the many years of treating us horror fans with his wonderfully morbid sense of humor....
                                         To a Truly Great Man   ( in our eyes)


  1. Lucky man to be holding the hand of such a lady. wish him a happy birthday and while i'm at it, have a great day yourself, Doctor.

    1. Thank you Gabriel, For your kind words in your comments, They straightened out my medication for my nerves at the doctor,s office yesterday ... since I have not had my medication for the last two weeks... it put me to sleep while I was posting on Cabin in the Woods ...several hours later i awakened ..still at my computer.... I looked over just what I had typed... "gibberish"and then it just stopped... I fixed the post and went to bed.... was going to make other posts as well... Hopefully this mess does happen again... I really Hate to have to take pills....But these I need for my nerves....but if I wish to shave , it is very difficult with my hands shaking as badly as they do...( still have a nasty slash upon my chin from the other night)... it will take a few days till my nerves are again somewhat under control.... but my hands are shaking much less today....