Sunday, November 27, 2011

Presenting ....."boy" ( No Name Yet )

                                                        Well here he is ... the new dog...
 I brought him inside for a bit ( he has never been inside a house before ... very "skittish" and cautious acting... It will take time for him to adapt to being a "pet" instead of just being tied out back....
I still have to "name" him

 Except for the shape of his head and that he is larger ... he looks a Lot like his father "Uno"
                                                                         Poor "Uno" is still missed


  1. "Uno" mated with a larger black dog This dog is the results of that mating.... Looks Nothing like the mother...(except for the snout) About two and a half times the size of his father...

  2. Very beautiful. I love his big bat ears. I'm gald you brought him in for a bit. Hopefuly he becomes a wonderful pet for you.

    Hope all is well with you, Lady Moss