Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Night Stalker

My 2nd Favorite TV Show as a child   ( Night Gallery being #1 ) Karl Kolchak , The "Night Stalker" was a reporter in Chicago who tracked down and destroyed "Monsters"

No one believed his stories ... but he battled Vampires and monsters to save the citizens from these "horrors"
Vegas Vampire

The "Night Strangler's" Lair

Carl faces off against the vampire in the made for television movie

Atwater as the vampire

Due to the popularity of the first movie A Second movie was made ... "The Night Strangler" was made
I own both books ....
                           So let's hear it for "Carl" and his heroic efforts to rid the Chicago area of monsters.....

                                   Johnny Depp is Supposed to star as " Carl " in an upcoming movie....

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