Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Devil's Tramping Ground

The old stump where the devil is said to occasionally sit while walking his circle

Other side of circle
 This circle is a bit over 36 feet across and a bit "frayed" around the edges.. giving it the appearance of being a bit larger ( Most folk say that it is 40 feet across)
As seen coming from one of the two paths
I have told you of the Devil's Tramping Ground in another post ... Here are two video clips on this cursed location that I found while searching the internet over these last few days
This other video tells of some of the "hazards" that could be encountered at the site.... The talk of the "winds" I have read about before... along with the absence of "animal sounds" ( as if the creatures of the wood lands are afraid to announce their presence in the area.....  Beware of Ticks.... (they said "small ticks"... these would be "Deer Ticks" rather than the more common "Wood Ticks".... These little things will cover you if not cautious I know they killed one of my dogs years back..... Somehow one day she was covered in them and died later that night)
as it looked in the early 1950's
Scientists found that the soil of the circle contains traces of salt This they say is due to the fact that at one time Long past, the area was an ancient "salt-lick" for bison and deer.... This still does Not explain why the area is a perfect circle or Why it has Lasted so long. ( the soil should have recovered over the many years since the time of this practice)
one of the two paths leading to the circle

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