Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Seven ... Ancient Demonology

 A ancient Text First in Sumerian telling of the most feared and best known of the Seven....
"Uttuku limnu hab-bi-lu
Ra-bi-su lim-nu mut-ta-az-ziz
 e-kim-mu lim-nu gal-lu-u lim-nu la sa-li-lu
(shu-nu lim)-nu-ti Sha-ina ali is-sa-nun du shu-nu"
               And in the Assyrian tongue...
"En Utug-hul-ik mulu-sha-ku-ab-sha-sha
Mashkim-hul-ik ub-da gub-gub-bu
Gidim-hul Mulla-hul u-nu-ku-ku-ne
(e-ne)-ne-ne hul-a-mesh eri-a nigin-na-a-mesh " 
                   Then in English......
"The evil Spirit that destroyeth
 The Evil Fiend that lLurkerth near
The Evil Spirit and Evil Devil that find no rest
These are they that scour the city ....."
the broken text goes on to say ... "slaughtering" .... Scattering"... "Seizing upon".... " Rending in pieces"
 Does Not sound too "pleasant" .... 

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