Monday, November 28, 2011

Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter

This vampire drains the Youth from its victims not blood

Kronos' faithful servant "Gros"

using "blessed steel" he turns the hypnotic vampire stare back at the vampire

Her husband (the real vampire) is then slain by Kronos

He rapidly ages

as does his wife....
The first Hammer Film to feature A "Slayer" of monsters... had the movie been more popular They intended to make a series of films with this character...( I have the "Hammer House of Horror" magazine dedicated to this movie)


  1. I have been using whatever "free time" to surf the internet .. Just trying to take my mind off of things..... Since my other computer died ( and took almost three months worth of saved and compiled things for me to post ) I have been trying to rebuild my files of downloaded images with which to do my posts on this blog .... the whole thing is just "overwhelming" ....
    Please have patientace with us here at the Crypt
    ...the Doctor

  2. Great post, I've never seen Kronos vampire hunter before, but I did see a trailer a long time ago, and it looked good.