Friday, April 20, 2018

Wishing You a Great 420....

                                    Not a topic we normally mention here at the Crypt....
                        Something that can make you Smile (even when you're "down")
stick to the weed... not very harmful (use in moderation) ... can even help my bad nervous disorder...                       (as well as making us expel all of the mucus that gathers in my chest cavity)
              Stay away from "Harder Drugs !!.... never heard of someone Over-dosing from "Pot"
                                                    an "fitting" song for this day....
                                           And enjoy a "Smoke" this 420...


  1. Pot has many medicinal uses. It is an amazing drug.

  2. Happy 420! That has GOT to be one of Cal's captioned photos, amirite? I recognize his style!

    1. Looked up Dark Shadows +Image.... and was one of the results
      Puffenstuff is Cal's...

  3. Pot saved my best friends life when he had cancer long before it was ok. So I'm Happy for 420. Also can not wait to watch Live PD tonight on A&E should be full of drug busts