Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter....

                will be having a nice family dinner at my Sister's... great foods and seeing Family....
                                                      and how about New Holiday traditions...
                                                        and let's Not forget the Bunny...

                       Will be leaving for a bit soon..... and get to enjoy a pleasant meal....
                                        a great time for enjoying a bit of chocolate


  1. Happy Easter! Enjoy your day at your sister's and eat as much chocolate as you can!

  2. I love the alf joke! Happy Easter have a great day

  3. Have a Happy Easter, doc! Enjoy the meal, the family, and the sweets!

  4. Happy Easter Stacey! Hope it is a good "drama free" dinner.

  5. Hell'oooo Mister Theda :-)
    Wow... i like your Collection of Evil Bunnies <3
    Well How are You? Are you Always Loosed in the Darkness??lol
    I notice that you have change the Style Thême of Your Blog! Why?
    I was Happy to visit you, and i will come again,
    See you soon Mister Theda ^^
    Friendly and Darkly Yours,