Friday, July 8, 2016

Will Work this Weekend on gettimg my (1/6th scale) Figures Together...


We have to put back together Sweeney Todd and Dress Jack (1989 Joker) in the outfit that we have obtained  (piece by piece"..)
                            The Head for this Joker cost us $97.oo a while back...

                                      My Batman Villains... (and joker's current outfit)
                      The DC Direct outfit (though a bit larger) is on Jack for now....

                      A few other characters, as well ( even the Red Death that I pieced  together...)


  1. Very cool stuff! I love 1/6-scale and one day may have the time and money to give it more attention. (Have you seen the documentary Marwencol, by the way...?)

    1. Ah...well, it's a very cool exploration of a guy's creation of a 1/6-scale WWII city as a way of dealing with life-altering trauma. Worth it if you have the chance!

  2. we just watched an ad for a new film about this ...