Thursday, July 28, 2016

So Very Many "Bad Things" and B.S. "Drama"....

We had him choose a "replacement"

             My good Friend is here... ( so,  at least some form of "support" in these "times of Trouble"..)
                          " with a little Help" from ( the very few) Friends that Stacey has..
                                   He even got us a few (much needed Beers ...!!!)

He is "concerned" about my "problems" and about to have his Lady sick an "underage" girl upon her to get the "point"
                                       " Shut Up... and leave me and my Home alone !!!"

                   Riding out in a few to the "Haunted Creek" to get out of this house...
He is the Only one to have Ever "talked" Stacey into riding a Motorcycle ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                             Really Cool Bike....!!!!!!
                                             A cool tune to go along with his vehicles...

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  1. Plans "changed" as usual,... so put other beer in fridge and will have it Tomorrow (later Today...???)