Saturday, September 12, 2015

What the "F...."!!!!!

What happened...??? and these Views did Not show these numbers in my ("traffic' posts or audence listings)...
                   Friend visiting.... went to check on the "stats" for my "Crypt"...

                                               My jaw dropped....


  1. Yeah, Stacy sometimes the views go up and down depending on the time of the year too. I have noticed that to even when you post your heart out like I know you do my friend so don't worry they will come the friends and followers that ready count in your life you friend always Wendy hugs

  2. Sometimes an automated program ("worm") will hit a site and start testing all of the links. That can account for a sudden, unexpected, and inexplicable burst of hits. I would imagine that's what happened.

    But as Wendy said, you've got a steady cadre of true followers and friends. :-)

    1. "the Worm" would Not have found anything of use to it...
      we made sure of that when we first established this blog

  3. It's happened to me a couple of times within the last year... 150-200 views a day mostly, then all of a sudden I get over 900 in one hour!

  4. my goodness...i have no idea of these things....

  5. I don't know much about this stuff either.