Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baba Yaga

She is known to the Slavic people as "Baba Yaga" and the the Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian peoples by the name of "Baba Raga". depicted with her "Hut" ( I will discuss her Hut in a later post)

another view of Baba Yaga and her "Hut"

 She is a hideous old hag with "iron teeth", who is said to kidnap small children an eat them...Even though her apatite is voracious , she is thin as a skeleton...Thus another of her names... "Baba Yaga Bony Legs" ("Baba Yaga Kostianaya Noga")
 She appears in many Russian Folklore tales Also known as the "Arch Crone" or the "Bone Mother" She is a nature spirit who rules over the elements , and is said to be the Guardian over the Waters of Life and Death...However, She has No power over the "Pure of Heart"
  She wears no hat and has a very long nose... She is said to fly about in a Morter and carries her ever present Broom ( made of Silver Birch), which she uses to propel herself while flying, as well as sweeping away all traces that She was ever even there....
   A wailing wind announces her arrival as well as the "shrieks and wails of the host of spirits who accompany Her..
 She is Very Old and Very Wise.... (She knows All !!) and may offer guidance to "Lost Souls" and sometimes aids Heroes in their Quests...

Seen here taking a small child...

"Baba Yaga and the Alexandrite Ring"

"Baga Yaga and the Peddler"


  1. the description of her States that she has Black flesh...a red nose and two burning coals as eyes.

  2. That is the description of a Black Annis... a form of "fairy folk"