Thursday, October 20, 2011

11 Days Till Halloween

Samhain Lord of Halloween Greets you "Kiddies"Here are Three versions that I have Found Of the "Lord of the Harvest"  Got to go to Therapy..... ride here now ....Later, The Doctor
 Well we are back...As I said these are artists renditions of the Lord of Halloween, Samhain...( the middle one is from "Ghostbusters" ....Today's topic will be "Artistic renditions" of Skulls that I have gathered... (My selection of images is very limited with my computer "Down".... Sorry)

I own the version with the Snake coiled through its eye-socket ( got it as a young Teen)

This one from "PumpkinRot"

A Skull made of Legos

                                                      Based off of Goya's "The Giant"
And some creative apple carving

The way I feel lately.. (too many people would like to see me do so ...So I will Not give the "Satisifaction"....)

Hope that this post helped to bring a "Smile" to your face....
    The one thing about Skulls is that they are always "Smiling"...Lol

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