Wednesday, May 15, 2019

We Need a New "Out-Look"....

                                                            A new "mind-set" to start....
                                          not yet ready to resort to "drastic" actions...

                                              and remember sometimes all it takes is .....

they tried to have us "taken Away"..... "Committed" !!!! We have done nothing to deserve such !!!!


  1. we are afraid of what They may try to do to Stacey... all I did was realize things were more overwhelming that can "deal with" by myself... so resorted to trying to ask for professional "help"
    ... Seems to have been a Big Mistake

  2. I'm more concerned about Stacey's abusive brother and what he might do to Stacey. We are very very concerned about Stacey's well being. I hope things go well for you, Kind Sir.

    1. Will be living in the back two room seldom even coming into contact with him... even raking small table (with coffee) in there being set up in back room next week
      thank you for your concern, good Sir