Thursday, May 23, 2019

been Busy ... gotten very little Accomplished

Game server "Origin" offered (one week only) a free download of a Sims 4 game...
Have spent the day trying to figure it out ... lost all first creations... so, started again and have been trying to understand how this version works..

even downloaded a "Skeleton" Sim (which we cannot get to install properly....only "human" sims...)


  1. Seems that "expansion packs" are needed for anything other than normal daily lives of the humans.... does Not even all ow to change outfits, or even change hair and remove facial hair....
    "limited" in what can do with this new Sims...
    been up all night working at Sims 4 ... My ride (to re-do "paper-work' an mental health... about two hours ... will try rest... later

  2. just got back... and found a "tutorial" clip at YouTube that very well explains (and shows) how to make use of this version of Sims... So, working with new Sims 4 game for weekend