Sunday, September 16, 2018

Things could Always get Worse....

            Even more rain..... bits of roof keep falling down on me and the computer..... not  good
as if we haven't had enough.. Sister is trapped at her Home (flood-waters cover her long driveway)
                                                           October is getting closer... !!!


  1. And things did indeed worsen....
    just smoked the few draws left on a cig butt...
    feeling rather "hopeless"

  2. So sorry things aren't good, Stacey. If you are renting the house you live in, call your landlord about the ceiling falling...if you own the house, maybe your dad could come do a little patching.
    I know all the rain is not helping matters. Hang in there, Stacey

    1. Hello, dear Lady... My Dad is 72... not in good health...
      social-worker / " in-home Nurse" supposed to be hre tomorrow (about noon)... cannot allow Her to see house like this...