Friday, September 21, 2018

Health "Outlook" Not so Great... , ... oh well

Been a bit busy and       ... not doing well .. found out about my emphysema ... (Very Bad news indeed...)  Found out why All doctor could tell us last visit... were a series of "Shoulder-shrugs"

                                              Called "Vanishing Lung Disease... !!!
           very  little is known of this type of "Giant Bolus Emphysema" is the medical term...
empty up to the shoulder...

            So he has No idea how to treat Stacey... and it has had very little research due to its rarity ....
Empty (not even veins) down to he Heart


  1. Just got off phone with Mental Health and was told They cannot Help Stacey... (wrong type of insurance).....

    1. I am so sorry to hear this, and so sorry that your country's health system has failed you.

      I hope there is some medical avenue you have yet to explore that might be able to offer you some assistance.

      Please try to stay strong.

  2. Emphysema is a sonovabitch at the best of times, let alone the mysterious type you have. Keeping you in my thoughts, Stacey.

  3. Stay Strong Dr. but if you need somebody to talk to they can not turn you away due to insurance I will keep you in my thoughts as well.

  4. Thank you All... We are to "keep our chin up", as they say..