Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Just a bit of Pain....

A bone chip (from older Dental work) came through my gums (about a week earlier it had slit through and slightly protruding).... Well after Two or three weeks of that,  the sharp thing came out. about a day later the gums (a week of intense pain) the hole that it made quickly got much larger.
                                  Let's just say that it made us think of this song...
the section Quickly emerged over these last few days. It was a good-sized piece... The back side of it were many protruding "Spines"... (All Very Sharp) So, it had been pushing the other one ahead of the larger (using the smaller as a cutting tool to force its way through) These have been "pains" we have had for some time now, occasionally a very sharp pain but that area of gums has hurt us for months, to some extent.... Hopefully, this will take care of all of that...

Around sun up this morning (Finally got my Dalek Captain up  to the top of his rank of "Knight" (Now listed as Lord High Commander Skorr)     We pushed on the bony piece that was showing... Then was able to painfully move (wiggle) the piece, a couple of hours later the sharp pain awoke me. The place caused even more hurt, those "spines" were slicing the soft tissues. After just a bit we were able to get at the fragment and pull it the rest of the way out.


  1. Oh, my...I know that must have really been so sorry. Glad you got it out....wonder why the dentist didn't see and remove it ?
    Thank you so much for emailing such a sweet comment to me. I appreciate it...and yes, I have a lot on my plate right now and need a few days rest to get my energy back up...xo

    1. Dear Lady you and your family will be in our Prayers.
      Was glad to hear that things went well. and there was too much blood ant the Bone piece was at the Time stuck up in the socket, before slowly slicing its way through my gums. So, it over a few months of "troubles". Hopefully better now and it can start to heal. Thank you, dear Lady for your kind words.