Saturday, July 4, 2015

Undead in America....

Thanks to American film maker George Romero we were given a new type od "Movie Monster".....
"Flesh-eating Living Dead....." ( And co-creator , Russo , who later made the "Return of the Living Dead" films... "More Brains...."
They made the dead (which in the past were the Mummy and some "Zombies"...) into a whole new class of Monsters....   but nothing that came before compared to the fear inspired by "Flesh-Eating" dead things... (now we had seen that Vampires were undead and fed upon the blood of the living...)
... and these "Hungry-Dead" have come at us on film in many stages of decomposition thus making for some cool-looking undead.... Not just shambling blank staring zombies at some "Master's" command.... or a slow-moving Mummy... (Fire Normally would work to destroy it)

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