Friday, July 10, 2015

Tomorrow the 11th, is a Special Day....

          Tomorrow marks the 150th anniversary of that great Book .... Alice in Wonderland...!!!
                                          Beloved by Millions of readers since...
 a fanciful tale of the adventures of Alice in this strange world... and the wonderful "Characters" that she meets...
 And that enjoyable blog "a Fanciful Twist" is having its annual "Mad Tea Party" Blog-Hop tomorrow to celebrate....!!!
             Mad Tea Party Flyer 2015
                         Mad tea party invite 19
                      Got to get out my "Drink Me" bottle with attached Key...


  1. We even spent the time to put together a little "display" in here for this special day ... (you only turn 150 once)... sadly will have to wait till tomorrow to take a picture (since me nice camera was recently stolen)

  2. ... Later when my Ste-mother drops off sugar ( for my Coffee).. she could take a picture with her phone..

    1. She had to "hurry"... But she brought me a meal and a really cool Joker item for my Collection...