Friday, December 19, 2014

A Wonderful Person Sent Stacey A Christmas Present...!!!!!

                           We hung it (still in package) above my computer.....

Don't know if he would want me to list who it was.... but, he is a Follower of my "Crypt"...
now all I have to do is look up and we "Smile" ( beginning to think that this smile is even better than the gift).... Thank You good Sir,....!!!!
         Bless You , my Friend And a great Holiday Weekend to you and Yours....


  1. It would get dusty if we displayed it out of package.... Cool display stand included
    Universal licensed piece as well...!!!
    And was one of my Favorite Monsters as a Kid.... Awesome.....!!!

  2. A very Merry Christmas to you as well, my Friend...
    a especially Thank you for the "Smile"... we really needed it...

    1. Then it was all worth it. Whenever you look at it, remember that there are folks who like and care about you. You're never alone.

      But I'd also like to see a pic of the thing in situ, if you can!

  3. You , good Sir, and some of my other Followers ( and a few Friends) are about ALL that is keeping us "going" for now....