Friday, August 8, 2014

Hope That You are Having a Great Start to Your Weekend....

"Hi There..."
.                                                           Sitting here in Marshville.....
                                                                    How about a Song....???
                                                                       or two....???
                                      She did a cool remake of this great AC/DC Song......


  1. Three things:

    First, congratulations on three horrific years on the blog. Here's hoping for many more.

    Second, I had never heard that Joan Jet cover before. Many thanks - 'twas quite excellent!

    Third, much like the Christmas season keeps getting launched earlier and earlier each year, it seems that the joyous Halloween season is already upon us. Thought you might like to know that a jaunt to your local Michael's Crafts store will yield quite a few treasures of a sort that we both enjoy. ;-)

  2. Closest is an hour drive from here and not able to get a ride and sorry but the only time we can buy a couple of Halloween "close-out" items
    A Blessed Weekend to you good Mr. Bloch....