Friday, November 16, 2012

the Lost Creelock....

                                         this is a "Creelock" ( in my Sims2)....
Since my last post I was building them a colony.... After getting my "Cosmic Criminal" to "job-level" of "Smuggler"' ("Gun-Runner" is next level)
                      I lost my whole Creelock Colony....( about 30 Creelock and over 150 "Servos...!!!)
Oh Well,... I just have to start over again ...(if I feel up to the task...)

1 comment:

  1. that which I am about to do is for "the Joker" ..
    the "Hot Toys" Jack from 1989 ....really want this item so will be doing a few lesser "dirty Deeds" to obtain this as my Christmas present to Stacey... I live in poverty... my life sucks ..(actually more of o miserable existence)
    We Have to "life our Spirits" ...and SOON... !!!