Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About the "Tumor"....

After the doctor extracted the "growth" on my head... He showed it to me looked like an "egg-shaped" gelatinous Eyeball with a red circle ans in the center of the red spot was a yellowed lumpy spot just like the pupil of this "eye" the nurse plopped it into a container it stood up and "stared" at me even turning in the fluid of the jar as if it were staying "focused" on me ....then it slowly lay back down as she placed it on the counter...This "growth was the size of a large egg yolk...!!!
                                          Minus the tentacles... it looked a Lot like this.....
                                                        It is being sent off to be tested
                                   And THAT is what has been atop My Skull all these Years ????!!!!

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