Thursday, August 23, 2018

This Would ALL be Rather "Humorous"....

                         But this is My Life (and future existence...!!!!!!!!!)
Depression has been very bad... been doing very well at not "loosing Temper" easily for some time (a bad bout of that over a month past)... So "asked for Help".... (Mental Health)... the organization that they sent me to wants us to contact another "group" and arrange visit with (a Very $$) "Specialist"  of Schizophrenia... he is to decide if Stacey is to be "in-patient" (at State Mental institution !!!!!) ????
We have read more than a bit on the "conditions" in the few remaining ones of NC... "Deplorable"... to say the least...!! (Most others of this State were forced to finally be shut down)

                do not want to be locked away... we have done Nothing to deserve such...


  1. I'm hoping for the best for you, Stacey! Keep your chin up, as they say.

  2. After talking with "specialist"... may agree to "voluntarily" have a 30 day "check-up"... (Do Not Want to do so)... but, will agree to do so if Best for Stacey... Not "happy" with This...

    1. first part of November... not missing Hallowe'en Again !!!

  3. and a bit more "Drama" rears its ugly head... wish us Luck