Friday, March 23, 2018

Disaster Halted....

Lucky for me that we decided to wait about 1/2 an hour longer before laying down for the night...
                      Careful if you own one of these (comfort Zone) heaters, Folks...!!!
                  Suddenly Smoke.... the heater beside of me had just caught Fire !!!!
            set a small fire to carpet... melted cord... (even two small flickering flames...)
Quickly unplugged it All... cord smoked for another few minutes... Now no Heat... and high for tomorrow will be in the 40's... (same Sunday,  but rains as well).... had to get an extra blanket...
            Maybe warmer temps soon to come... till then we will just sit wrapped in a blanket...


  1. Said that image of Heater "May be Copyrighted"... Remove this image and we will begin telling (and Many Posts... Blog... FaceBook, etc.)about this "Hazardous line of Heaters...

  2. My Brother-in-law is very good friends with the Fire Marshall, as well as a fire-fighter himself... Remove image and we turn "Safety" matters over to them to file with State Capitol...!!!

  3. This is posted as a Warning to other consumers...

  4. Yikes - that could have been a disaster if you had not caught it in time.

  5. Jeez, Doc. Is it UL rated? If not, don't get another one.

  6. Do not know... but will keep an eye one it when running