Monday, January 8, 2018

Wow.... a Heat Wave...

a whole 32 degrees outside...!!! some Moron of a Tele-Marketer called and woke me ... so now sitting here in the Cold...  that piece of "human-crap" has seen to it that Stacey is up for the day to suffer this cold room.... had to get a blanket.... now wrapped up beside of this little heater and still Very cold in here... as it will be for most of the day....

and the marketer on the phone hung up as soon as I answered... the phone will seldom be in this room again when I am sleeping...  they normally wake me to try and sell me "Burial  insurance"...!!!
.. and just got off of phone with Town Hall... seems that Any "complaint" Must be presented at their 1st Monday of each month meetings... another  "topic" that we Will bring up (other than our Black Drug Dealer of a Mayor) ... is our Fat-Ass Pervert we have for a Chief of Police...  and  will tell everyone present of some of his "sickening actions"... (the one incident is well documented, so Not "slander"...)


  1. How do rid your Town of a corrupt pervert (Pedophile) of a Chief of Police (extorts large sums of "Extortion" ("Protection") money from the Mexican drug dealers for years .....

    1. Every Statement above is TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Google Very slow at pulling my Blog "stats" ????

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